Friday, July 14, 2017

A Capital, Capitol Screwing

Pity poor Mitch McConnell and his fellow Republican Senators and legislators. The last thing they want is to inadvertently un-screw average, working Americans. Working people must only be more screwed. It is what Republicans exist for but the screwing must be done delicately. It must be done cleverly and with deniability so they can preserve their hegemony and keep the overall level of screwing heading upwards, for the good of the country and humanity.

I mean, look at what happened with Obama. The idiot Democrat sent their enterprise hurtling backwards and downwards with massively inappropriate healthcare legislation showing how important it is for Republicans to maintain control. That legislation might also cut into corporate profits which will destroy America more quickly than anything and, incidentally but not unrelatedly, put a huge dent in Republican reelection coffers and personal net worth. 

This is why they will use any kind of deceit, blackmail, treachery and--well, we don't actually know how far they will go. After all, we now have Donald Trump as president thanks to them and every kind of hate and and thuggery is on the rise. Republicans have lowered the standards to such an extent it's hard to believe we ever had values and morals and ideals in the first place. But console yourselves by grabbing some pussy but only Republican pussy, mind you. 

Democratic women still entertain the ridiculous notion that they are entitled--entitled, I tell you--to some degree of control of their lives and destinies when we know we're only humoring the bitches. They are only appurtenances and necessary evils if men are to reproduce and get their rocks off as they are entitled--oops!--as they deserve to be able to do by nature and divine mandate. Pshaw! We all know women are weaker creatures and the occasion of sin. 

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