Friday, June 30, 2017

Lint Heads

In Southern mill towns the textile workers used to be called "lint-heads" because of the fuzz in their hair and elsewhere when they came out of the mills. The country club whites looked down on them and then there were the black people, another caste. 

The mill owners decamped when there were better pickings elsewhere and the workers were left with even less than before. It's unclear now how this will play out when the capitalists consolidate their power. They won't need their working-class voters. 

Are we there? Mitch McConnell, who married his millions, is trying to pass legislation to harm the hell out of his constituents while favoring mostly monied, out-of-state, Machiavellian interests. And there are the equivalents of bureaucrats and plant managers.

They face an ambiguous fate since the new lint-heads are now overseas. Visit a small Southern town and witness the despair to see how this looks and feels when it happens. The fate of most people will be determined at birth, with little room for advancement.

This is the Republican vision for America.

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