Thursday, June 29, 2017

Charnel House Rules

I have been trying not to follow the news very closely because it's too painful but I noticed that Dean Heller, a Republican Senator from Nevada, has been excoriated by members of his own party and attacked by a Trump super-pac for daring to criticize their healthcare bill.

In other words, he was attacked for trying to do what was best for his constituents. Why even comment on this. It speaks for itself. Republicans continually tout themselves as the party of freedom, constitutional democracy, patriotism and everything else noble and good. 

Who's freedom do they mean? Not just theirs but only theirs. They will try to viciously destroy anyone who disagrees with them. The fault is with the American voters. There are no excuses sufficient to exonerate them for voting for these criminals, thugs and hoodlums.

No explanation is good enough--certainly not ignorance. There are on the hook for this. We should never let them off. Meanwhile we're increasingly living among corpses and in a boneyard. We are all increasingly dead men walking.

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