Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Republicans and Collectivization

I have made the point before that Republicans are commies because they believe in the transcendence and inevitability of the class struggle and are simply trying to win. Also I noted that Republicans are proving Marx right by causing untenable concentrations of capital which will lead to a fatal, inevitable economic meltdown as foreshadowed in 2008.
A further aspect of Republican totalitarian perfidy is the consolidation (collectivization) of everything they can get their hands on through the economically unjustified corporatization of formerly decentralized industries and occupations. These corporations are now, more efficiently since Citizens United and the advent of Trump, the de facto government.

Parallels with other totalitarian states are too obvious to enumerate. Choose your own. When I was a child small family farms were still viable, if not prospering. Department stores were locally owned and the owners lived in the community. Similarly with pharmacies and many other businesses of every description. Republicans blindly favor consolidation.

Larger businesses have been buying influence in Washington for decades, leading to ever increasing collectivization, reducing choice, competition and sometimes overall efficiency. America produces food with amazing efficiency, narrowly viewed, for example, but fails to capture the externalities and social costs of pollution and environmental degradation.

We then throw away 40% of what we produce. These kinds of irrationalities exist throughout the system, defended, backed and encouraged by Republican ideological intransigence and aggression. Republicans also have their gulags, disproportionately incarcerating black men who resort to antisocial behavior because of deprivation caused by Republicans. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Lost Horizon

America's edenic time is at an end. It was always a reality tinged with illusion. Now it is an illusion tinged with reality. Soon it will be nothing but an illusion, existing only in the minds of men, and so separated from reality it will become lethal to its inhabitants. Say goodbye to Shangri-La. We were lucky ever to have glimpsed it.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Factual Content Warning

Conservatives, I know it worries you that your children might be damaged and corrupted by explicitly factual material. I don't blame you--reality can be pretty hard core--but some of us have an unfortunate addiction to it we are unlikely to shake.

Producers of explicit factual content might be persuaded to rate and label their product to protect the minds and formation of your youngsters and teenagers. Nakedly factual subject matter could then be suitably packaged for their protection.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Fallacy of Republicanism

Normally I am loathe to accuse anyone of being anything. I try to stick with behaviors. I don't typically accuse Republicans of being liars, for example, I accuse them of telling lies. If unsure I keep in mind the example of some of America's corporate elite, the CEO's of all of the major tobacco companies, each of whom testified under oath, before Congress, that they believe nicotine not to be addicting. 

That was in 1994, the year of the beginning of the rebirth of the American State under the self-righteous Gingrich gang. I can't tell you that those CEO's are liars because I can't see into their cynical, compartmentalized, greedy psyches but I can tell you that it is untrue that nicotine isn't addicting. When people give up their individual responsibilities, however, through identification, what then? 

Republican Congressmen have lined up to shamelessly lie about healthcare, taxes and everything else. What goes on in their sick souls, who knows, but these are lies as surely as any about nicotine and they are motivated to lie as surely as those CEO's. The lies about nicotine were more obviously for personal benefit, the lies about taxes and health insurance more lies of cult-like, doctrinal obedience. 
Isn't it fair to call people liars when they have voluntarily opted out of the responsibilities of individualism and degraded themselves through conformity, identification and obeisance while they falsely claim the opposite, that they are paragons of freedom and independence? I don't think so. We still can't judge people, only behaviors, even when they abdicate their individualism, consciences and humanity. 

But we can judge the movement, the evil entity of their allegiance, the virtual repository of the mortgages on their souls, the Republican Party. I therefore declare the Republican Party to be an evil organization built on ambition and greed and unfit for any socially constructive purpose. The Party is a fallacious composition incapable, on balance, of producing anything resembling goodness or truth.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Even Dotards Have Rights

By the way, I want to make it clear that, by my criticisms of Trump, I in no way deny or diminish the civil rights of dotards. Dotards have rights too. 

Eau de Trump

Once and for all, evangelical Christians are not holding their noses while supporting Trump but breathing fully and deeply of the aroma and stench of his Trumpness. It is important to understand this. Otherwise the extremity of the perversion and degradation is lost, together with the full severity of the threat to civilization.

Evangelical Christians are in love with Trump because he has been so obviously chosen by God in the most extreme degree. He is both a billionaire and a piece of shit. Since Trump is so catastrophically undeserving, depraved and incompetent it's impossible that he achieved his position through his own character and efforts. 

It can only be the will of God. Trump is therefore a massive rebuke to the false doctrine of "good works" and evidence of the arbitrary nature of salvation. Trump was "saved" in spite of himself, a more unworthy person being unimaginable. In addition Donald reeks of the end-times, which idiotic fundamentalists candidly long for.

Who knows, evangelicals are so incomprehensibly sick they might believe Trump to be the Second Coming or its herald at some level of consciousness. After all, Trump is a law unto himself and a living repudiation of every earthly standard of decency. Turds are many and mighty among Republicans but there is only one Trump.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

We've arrived. Our destination is reached, our desires realized and our consciences archived. Who knew it could be so easy. All we had to do is sell our souls. They weren't worth much, it turns out. At any rate, they were had cheaply.

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Truman Show Delusion Delusion

People who think they are living in the Truman Show aren't deluded. We are living in a Truman Show. People who think they aren't living in a Truman Show are deluded. 

It isn't even a good Truman Show. I might condone it if it were a healthy, harmless, humane and attractive parallel-place but it's sickass. The producers are the super-rich.

Some day, when we outlive our usefulness, they will pull the plug, douse the fires, turn out the lights and leave. Some day, inevitably, the world is going to get real on us.

All of the lies will fall away and we'll see reality again. The "set" might still be habitable but it isn't going to be nice. Livable is what it will be at best. The producers don't care.

They aspire to be gods and they will decamp and ascend with their cash. Remember, in America wealth is inerrancy and holiness--the godless fatalism of Puritanism. 

Saturday, November 11, 2017

OK Stupid

I have a surefire, money-making plan for a Republican dating service patterned on their prevailing populism and available for crowdfunding on Nonstarter. The dating site will be called OK, Stupid

Candidates, as prospective dates are known, are assumed to be lying about everything. Attention and interest, I suppose, will flow to those who lie most outrageously, promising impossibilities.

My behavioral studies show that the outlandishness of the overt misrepresentations, once uncovered, will not be noted or disqualify candidates from dating, ongoing relationships or anything else.

Friday, November 10, 2017

An American Responsary

I envision a day when America's Kochist elementary schools will engage in morning drills involving a teacher and student call-and-response, followed by the singing of a stirring hymn, The Poor Will Be With You Always.

Teacher: Healthcare is for those who work hard for it or are born rich and not others. They don't deserve it and we can't afford it!

   Students: Yes, we can't!

T: Security, in retirement, is for those who put away heaps of money and no one else. They don't deserve it and we can't afford it! 

   S's: Yes, we can't!

T: Police and the military are there to protect productive citizens, not criminals and scum. They don't deserve it and we can't afford it!

   S's: Yes, we can't! 

T: Elections are for people who own property, not for losers with no stake in the State. They don't deserve it and we can't afford it! 

   S's: Yes, we can't!

And so on indeterminately, depending on the endurance and creativity of the instructor. 

Donald's Asian Victory Lap

It's a little late for a victory lap but it is the anniversary of Trump's glorious win and in keeping with Asian traditions Donald is feeling the love and seeing his own greatness manifested in parades, pageantry, mouth-flapping and bravado. Evidence of his actual accomplishments is rare. This is in keeping with the ways of China and Russia. 

Stalin and Mao falsely tried to tout successes to conceal their failure even to keep people alive. They had bigger goals in mind, remaking societies, than the welfare of inconvenient hordes of citizens. Healthcare, anyone? Trump has shown only one skill, shooting off his mouth in futile attempts to distract from his feckless, chaotic and shameful rule.

Donald is a pig. He lusts for power and he's indifferent to the sufferings of the citizens supposedly in his charge. But he isn't an ideologue. He is only fixated on himself. The "idea" people are behind the scenes. Empowered by a leveraged, gerrymandered and illegitimate election, Donald is a tool. And he's an opportunist and a self-aggrandizing oaf.

However painful it isn't a bad idea to relive the horror of Donald's election on its anniversary. It either isn't what we are or we deserve whatever calamity awaits us, a potentially Maoist kind of social and economic web of lies and a rationalized descent into murderous, opaque, misrepresentative government and totalitarian, oligarchic, anti-democratic rule.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Another High Tech Lynching

Clarence Thomas was run through the system fairly, emerging victorious with the help of his white supporters who were thrilled to hire him to hold a lantern, mow the lawn and pick up trash at the Supreme Court. The vigilantes were on his side. Bill Clinton was deemed unfit for his role by Republicans, infuriated at his victory, not because of anything he did, apart from winning, but for what he was and what he represented, a blow to the treasonous forces of minority rule.

Clinton was the target of the vigilantes, who declared "open season" on him. Whitewater was an invention, a smoke screen and and an excuse to begin the persecution. "Investigations" expanded everywhere from there, illegally and with the benefit of heaps and mounds of Mellon cash. Hillary is in line for the same treatment, as the primary focus for Republican hatred, never mind that whatever she did it was Girl-Scout material in relation to the crimes of George W. Bush. 

The objective, of course, is to distract from a Republican president whose innate criminality and incompetence make Bush's look like nothing. God help us if we have another terror attack. We haven't yet recovered from the last episode of Republican rule. And Trump is laying the groundwork for the next recession and financial collapse, deregulating and deprofessionalizing everything. His trigger finger is itchy but the public is wary because of past adventurism.

All he needs is an excuse. Hello, Rocket Man. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

In Vitro, Veritas

Examine closely the Republican obsession with wombs. It's a Freudian field-day. How to abstract from that the many issues of mommy-lust and daddy destruction? Of repressed desires and regressive fantasies? 

Isolate Republicans in a test tube and you get all the nasty elements of the fear of life and the loathing of the self, of unowned aspects of human nature and the projection of those onto innocent people and existence itself.

Republicans continue to see their unacknowledged weakness and suspected depravity in others and in the world at-large. Watch them fester in their test-tube environment and, voilĂ , the evil is seen to be within. 

Just the Hacks, Ma'am.

How do you know a hack? Examples are easy to find. Choose any conservative "think tank" and consider its output. The liklihood they will conclude that tax cuts on the rich are bad social and economic policy is nothing even though it is true.

Hacks have sold their souls. Immediately it's apparent that hack-dom reaches high levels. The Supreme Court is populated by right-wing hacks, on the one side. Hacks gave us Iraq. Bush inherited people who had some knowledge and sense.

He fired them and installed idiots with appropriate opinions on the "unborn." Hacks gave us the Great Recession. They believe in deregulation as a matter of faith. Hacks are immune to feedback and reasoning. It's not about reason or reality.

It's about power. And it's one thing to have a few hacks around, another nothing but hacks.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Does He Know?

Herr Donald's latest international trip is incoherent even by his standards. Suspicion falls on the heavy footsteps of Robert Mueller. Has the Trumpster done anything illegal? I don't think he knows, but assumes he has, and with good reason.

Donald doesn't subscribe to the rule of law. Like most Republicans--blinded by greed or self-righteousness and cynicism--he isn't concerned with legality but what he can get away with. The law, morality and decency are for lesser beings. 

Watch How Republicans Handle a Dumpster Fire

The equivalency industry is heating up. I wish I had stock in it. Trump's supporters, seeing their hero hit dumpster-fire levels of incompetence already, are rolling out their Bush-era emergency kits, trying frantically to protect the party from damage. With Bush they were successful but mostly because he left the country in such an awful, flaming mess it took years just to quell the fires.

Some still smolder. The results of Trump's hideous reign await us so the best money is spent attacking and defaming Hillary and her allies. Only Donald himself can tackle Mueller and, of course, his backers know better than anyone the liklihood he will screw that up. He is a prop though not as predictable as their last one. Bush was putty. Trump is plastic but explosive. One mistake and--kaboom!

They handle him with care but not for the good of the country, protecting only themselves. Republicans are fighting their dumpster fire by starting more fires. That's how much they care about America. They scramble and hype up the Hillary-hate to direct attention away from themselves but nobody is in their class--not when it comes to malfeasance, malign governance and hypocrisy.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

SALAD: The Five Points of Calvinism

1. Shithood: people are depraved, worthless turds at birth and wallow in sin
2. Arbitrary Salvation: God is arbitrary in choosing the "elect" because God is a dick
3. Limited Salvation: those not chosen are unavoidably screwed now and forever
4. Asskicking Grace: the chosen--the elect--are inevitably and permanently redeemed
5. Despair: the result, together with cruelty, of this perverted, fatalistic outlook

Remember, all ye faithful, that God is an arbitrary asshole. Therefore, those who are arbitrary assholes are closest to God's heart and are representative of the Divine Will. 

Go now, and fuck peace. Life is meant to be shit. Such is the inscrutable will of God. 

Jackass: The Sean Hannity Story

No matter how low they go in degradation relating to Trump there is still a hierarchy and room for differentiation among his underlings and supporters. Since it's an ongoing situation there is no known floor. The actors are still alive and humping lampposts for Trump but Sean Hannity would be high on anyone's list of candidates for most depraved and enslaved. 

Circumstances are worsening as Trump's incompetence becomes increasingly obvious and Hannity seems more rabid and deranged in defense of his master. He squirms and grovels in gratitude as Trump toes more closely to traditional lines of Republican treachery, trying to destroy the lives of average citizens while ensuring the increasing hegemony of the rich. 

Abolishing estate taxes is a big deal, possibly forever preventing a return to democratic norms. Denying healthcare to ordinary citizens is a big deal, but Democratic leaders live in a bureaucratic haze of impotence, failing to fight even the most clear-cut battles effectively. Hannity and his faux-media allies become more combative as they recede from reality.

Hannity is the person I most want to track, attack and destroy--an arbitrary choice, but I think we should pick him because he is the most unhinged in relation to his influence. Maybe we can expose him for what he is, a pathetic, desperate, sickass, incoherent lackey and shill. His humanity is hopelessly compromised. He is a bellowing, delusional jackass.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Real Amateurs Online

Watch as real-life amateurs bare it all and engage in acts of shameless depravity. Hidden cameras catch everything as prominent citizens, ranking bureaucrats, corporate tycoons and elected officials sell their souls for nothing, desiring only immediate gratification. Join West-Wing Webcams today! (charges payable to The Trump Organization)

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Depravity Software

Convert your files from obvious lies into cunning treachery with "Republicanism," new software brought to you by the forces of evil and now fully debugged and available to average citizens after successful refinement and testing on elected officials. 

Paul Ryan's vestigial conscience surely wants to say "screw the American people sideways" which would probably cause voter consternation. With "Republicanism" installed it comes out as "doing the work of the American people" or "advancing America's interests." 

Keep yourself safe from all of the negative consequences of sincerity and the pitfalls of telling the truth. Buy "Republicanism" today!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Sunsetting of the Aggrieved: This Product is No Longer Supported

For most people--certainly for me--the stories of glorious victory are easier to take than the grudges and strivings of those wanting justice or redress. "The poor will always be with you." Okay. Screw them, then. Because, this assumes inevitable poverty, a situation in which if all the resources of the world were perfectly, evenly distributed there still wouldn't be enough to go around. 

Is it not a cry of inevitability, fatalism and despair? So, embrace inequality. Herald despair.

No, brother. Rather, since when is cynicism the province of those transformed by the love of Christ? Since when is it the Biblical message to give up? Since when is it our place to judge? It isn't, but the aggrieved have a hard case in a society as wealthy as ours. Moral deficiency and incompetence are more easily assumed than lack of opportunity, deprivation and a poor growing medium. 

But some seeds still fall on worse ground than others. Also, the idea of earthly justice flatters its promoters. 

They are the winners. Winning implies and imputes moral superiority unto them. Why the fuck not? They are running the show anyway. Why not declare victory in every realm, sphere, eminence and domain? While we're at it with the why-the-fuck's, fuck them back. Oh, what fun! And all in the name of Jesus. Back at Gethsemane, the aggrieved look on, their very existence invalidated. 

Obsolescence is theirs. Onward to the landfill. They are discarded, too weak to warrant crucifixion.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Trump's Privy Council

Men with records of bravery in battle eventually quake, collapse and succumb within the soiled and filthy confines of Trump's outhouse administration. Only those, like Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon, long accustomed to the stench, can survive in it. John Kelly couldn't and is now officially degraded. 

Sarah Sanders was born in an outhouse. Jeff Sessions can't tell a turd from a titmouse. On down the list, from the cabinet southward, it's one disgraced, servile, morally repugnant slimeball after another. They lie compulsively. They'll do anything for money and they stand in line to wipe Trump's ass.

Trump Motility

A question arises in witnessing the dissolution of our democracy--the declining franchise, the treachery and the prevailing of leveraged, unrepresentative government under Trump. Was Trump primarily impelled by existing forces or is he a prodigy? Was he washed ashore by a tidal wave of perversion, a castaway commanding his flotsam, or is he a surfer riding a wave that might not have led to our destruction had it not been ridden?

Is he Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, a winner in a race already in place (somebody had to win) or a creative genius finding and exploiting dark desires previously unmined in the American psyche? Nothing is written--that is my starting point. Nothing in human affairs is determined or inevitable. Someone created this mess and the old rules of interest always apply. To whose benefit is it all occurring? To the long term benefit of no one, I think.

Hence the perversion. But, in the shorter run, the monied forces are making out. Trump is their man though they may have recoiled at first at his coarseness and lack of control. Trump was produced by a society running amok on money and rooted in a puritanical belief in immanent justice, that God's will and approval are implicit in worldly success, despite what the Bible says. Trump's "talents" are in sociopathy and aggression, not insight. 

He is less constrained by conscience than any person ever so successful in our public sphere. Such people have long achieved supreme authority in other cultures but never, I believe, in ours. They have desired it but never succeeded--not with the backing of all of the structures of power and the commanding of all of the branches of government and the coopting of a deluded electorate, as has Trump. He is the head of a criminal enterprise.

Trump won because he was willing to play dirtier than anyone else. He isn't a prodigy he's a punk. But he's a mirror on American society: the ugly, sociopathic thing we have become. Horrifyingly, Trump is us. We are a nation blinded by greed and our good fortune and defensive about its origins, insisting, like Trump, that we are endlessly deserving of an inheritance and compulsively clamoring for more. We are exceptionalist swine.

Friday, October 27, 2017

The End

Notice how Republicans continue to support Trump even though it's clear he's criminally incompetent, criminally unfit and probably a criminal. No one could have known how bad it would be. No one could have known he wouldn't rise to the responsibility but sink to unprecedented depths of disgrace. 

We know now, though, and Republicans continue to support him. It's a national emergency. America is being ruled by cranks and crooks. Everyone sits around talking about it as though it's within previous parameters or a form of entertainment or an accident and a fluke without permanent, practical effects.

They pretend it isn't representative of anything but it is what we are now--ourselves, utterly disgraced. This is the end of life as we have known it and we are in steerage or manning the engine rooms in a sinking ship. Some of the rich will get away, wealthy men and their families first. The rest of us will drown.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Marshalling Plan

The forces of evil are marshalling for their final assault on democracy and decency and the sniveling, snorting, salivating array of scum-hosts is waiting to see which of their many levers of power will yield the final result, irreversible control of the American State and the return to a highly limited franchise of supposedly superior beings. The devil rides shotgun.

Satan and Darth Vader and the quest for power--it's the oldest story ever, a compulsion entailing extreme insensitivity to the lives of other people, many of whom have voted for this in a kind of protection racket, preferring to be secure as serfs (they falsely assume) than free beings. But their lords will turn on them. More tax cuts for the elite are offered.

Old lies are frantically rolled out and defended. The leaders themselves must be astounded they can still get away with it, after so many years and so many failures. The devil is smart. Republicans sold their souls for votes in the South and Satan is coming to collect. Even they can't stop it now. The social conservatives are demanding a return. Hell awaits us.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Problems of Scale

Sometimes I apply a scalability test. For example, if the world were mostly comprised of people like me, if I do say so, it would be pretty liveable and look a lot like Scandinavia, replete with saunas, which I happen to love. 

If the world were composed of Republicans, however, it would be a pit of despair. Consider the history of England under puritanical rule, if you doubt it. If the world were comprised of a horde of Donald Trumps--well, I shudder to think.

Those hypothetical results are already being tested and becoming reality as Republican hegemony increases. Wanting for other viable enemies they begin to eat their own. Watch in horror. These are the values of true sociopaths.

Trumped Up

The pernicious effects of Trump are many. He is a pit of political protoplasm into which anything good that stumbles or errs never again sees the light of decency. One focus on Trump is focus--the resulting obsession with near-term destruction caused by Trumpian shenanigans. 

Bigger and better issues are the purview of a normal presidency, not everyday survival under threat of nuclear-level stupidity and self-sabotage. More so than any other office in the American system the presidency should employ a person with the broadest vision and competence. 

It can't be an accident that no less appropriate person than Trump could be found in this respect. The self-centeredness of Trump defies comprehension and, as a result, concerned citizens end up with an extremely narrow focus, trying only to get through another day of insanity. 

This is an amorphous, abstract and unquantifiable effect of Trump, the lack of reasonable care for the fate of the larger state and electorate and for longer periods of time. Trump has too many citizens, those who aren't counting their coins or searching the skies for Jesus, living in fear.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Outer Limits

You might wonder, how bad can it get and when will the Republicans stop and rest on their laurels and quit making things worse? The answer is never. They won't stop until there's nothing left and the country is destroyed or in the ditch. You have to understand, that's what they want. It isn't just about money and power. They have the institutional equivalents of mental illness and addiction. They are unbelievably evil people. 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Process Trumpology

A country that wasn't stupid enough to elect Trump in the first place might also be able to see how hopelessly stupid he is and, in the process, realize what a stupendous lie it is that wealthy people are necessarily superior and deserving. No one could be less deserving than Donald Trump.

It is the secular, social and political version of predestination, a hideous doctrine which preempts human freedom and the meaning of life and the efficacy of effort and intelligence. Puritans, Calvinists and fundamentalist fanatics who believe in it hate life, liberty, reason and decency.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Better Call Paul

Paul Ryan knows his place--as a toady, a functionary and a fixer. He intends to be a midwife at the birth of the new conservative order which happens only to be the oldest model of human incorporation ever, a society built on inequality, exploitation and injustice.

Eventually the subjugated masses will rise up and attack their oppressors or opt for the Anglo-racist, puritanical example of moderated, legislated and arbitrary social stratification rooted in cynicism and despair. Hooray, everybody loses, the wished-for fate of Ryanism.

It's time to call Paul. The birth is imminent. 

Trump Soldiers On

The tendency with Trump is to get bogged down in the daily display of depravity, thereby losing sight of the larger implications of his wickedness. With the latest gaff involving a call to the mother of a deceased soldier the larger context is that soldiers are losers, fools and lackeys in the Trumpian metaphysics of greed. 

For true Trumpists any kind of self-sacrificing or seemingly principled behavior is pathetic and a refuge for those who can't cut it in a competitive world, never mind that most of Trump's backers are crooks and inherited their money or were advantaged from the start. Or, they are delusional, fatalistic religious fanatics.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Love That Dare Not...

I love the government. Disregarding all of our horrible activities abroad the government has, at home, tried to wrest freedom away from its hoarders and the oppressing forces of poverty, racism, greed and intolerance. The government tried to guarantee that average citizens would have reasonable means of subsistence, to which they are entitled, and the autonomy of their lives and bodies. 

The money-men want to see a new age of economic oppression and the religious fanatics want to see the secular systems of laws and traditions again under the thumb of irrational, superstitious, idolatrous believers in "Christian" government, ignoring the individualistic imperatives of both our civil and religious convictions. In other words, they want to send us all to hell, either side of the grave.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

No Happy Ending

America's happy ending is going up in smoke, wasted by Republican greed, dishonesty and incompetence. It will be the great American tragedy--the loss of our freedom. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

In Jesus's Name, Amen!

Evangelical Christianity has created a government in its image and the end-times are upon us. Amen and Hallelujah! Deprive children and the poor and elderly especially of food and the care needed to keep them alive--in Jesus's name. Amen! 

Destroy creation and plunder the planet out of existence--praise Jesus and Amen! Muslims and other heathen may be killed at will, ideally by drones and other cowardly means, while the people of God suck down resources like there is no tomorrow. Amen!

It's in the news, there is no tomorrow! You can quote them on that! God wants his people to live like pigs. It's in the Bible--the prosperity gospel--and they will sweep you away with their mighty sword if you resist. Amen! Hallelujah! And, fuck you!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Trump Shits Himself Again

Trump signs executive orders with the aplomb and pride of a little boy's only supposedly creative activity: "Look at what I did!" He exhibits a self-satisfied smile, assuming an accomplishment while laying out another huge turd.

"Good boy, Donald!" He just shit all over everything again. Someone, clean up the mess. 

Et Tutu, Brutus?

Wait, there's an image emerging from my subconscious, repeatedly forming and fading, a new archetype of inappropriateness and horror: pale and pudgy, Donald Trump is in a diaper-tutu, otherwise unclothed and drooly, nervously active and impatient or pouty and pensive because the world isn't shaping or conforming itself instantly to his will. He's a vain, frustrated fop and a baby, having known only one authentic outcome in his life and angry at anything else--Donald must get his way and be fed and indulged.

No one and nothing else matters. Though, it's prejudicial and unfair to talk as if he's a card-carrying grownup because he isn't. He's an immature, un-evolved, parasitic little monster and brute, living a fantasy and an illusion--a larval drama of insatiable oral craving so severe it preempts or negates his humanity. He's a one-man asylum of arrestedness and a belching bambino squirming and pawing at the recalcitrant tit of cosmic largesse, assuming a false and unearned status as something other than the maggot he is.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Funny, I Don't Feel Like Vermin

Looking at the earth from space it would be time to conclude that human beings are vermin. We will reproduce ourselves out of existence and into oblivion. We kill our own and we live in self-created filth, a spreading malignancy and horror. Hooray for us. The end is near. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Venality Fair

Venality is so assumed in human behavior and especially politics it only makes sense to go with the flow and begin to distinguish between its benign and malignant forms, the expectation of corruption being self-fulfilling. Benign venality would acknowledge the intensely social nature of human beings and seek to be selfish on behalf of the human macrocosm and for the longer term. 

Malignant venality would ignore the social aspects and see the seeking of individual advancement by any means--venality by its nature assuming no absolute, underlying morality--as a de facto morality because if its inevitability. It is therefore closely related to cynicism and usually effected through casuistry and moral relativism while making a show and claim of decency and necessity. 

Republicanism immediately comes to mind as an example of the malignant form, the entire thrust of its actual platform being to screw the very people it pretends to represent and support, hoping only to remain undiscovered long enough to corrupt and ruin the entire system beyond repair. That point now approaches quickly, as the seeds of cynicism, despair and confusion sprout everywhere. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Irish Tenor of Fox News

It's no accident that so many Irish Catholic guys are prominent at Fox News. Apart from the Catholic attachment to authority, there's compensation. Ireland was a matriarchal culture, Irish men having had their balls handed to them by various invaders and then definitively by the English. Bill O'Reilly and Hannity, for example, are desperate to assert their masculinity as bullies always will, from positions of safety and relative strength.

Megyn Kelly is demonstrating, as we speak, the power of the protective, corporate shell of Fox by flailing around outside of its confines over at NBC. Add to the Irish the southern white boys who were similarly defeated and other losers and congenital assholes and--voila!--you have the soul of the Republican Party: defensive, aggressive, violent by nature and proxy and essentially sick. Dominance and submission are always an issue.

Pathetically trying to exercise his manhood, Roger Ailes was representative, if not Irish, using his position to bully women into intimacy. O'Reilly and Trump are similar. Fox is a bubble and a fortress, ideologically divorced from reality and prone to attack spontaneously and overreact to any threat, real or imaginary. O'Reilly's "War on Christmas" is a telling, if trivial, case-in-point. Bill is reportedly a huge, oversized human being.

He never hesitated to use his stature to intimidate, as can be seen in many clips of interactions on his former show. He rises in his chair in indignation at challenges to his authority. Meanwhile they are all taking it up the ass from the political and monied interests. Hannity is somewhat different. There's a look in his eyes, said to resemble the results of fetal alcohol syndrome, of degeneracy and organic brain damage.

That "nobody home" look was also apparent in George W. Bush who proved himself, in a role of inescapable responsibility, a wastrel and reprobate. Bush was shielded from accountability, which would see him in jail after being tortured in accordance with his own beliefs in its efficacy, for getting hundreds of thousands of people needlessly killed. Fox News circumvents justice and the courts by throwing money at victims. 

Victims are bought off with millions from their deep coffers. Characteristically of cowards, these bullies are bailed out by the corporate versions of their mommies. Submission is always an area of sensitivity. They are incapable of seeing that a society can (only) function when dominance is no longer a determining factor. Fox, their own mini momma-state, runs on cowardice--distinctively Irish, bullying, blustering cowardice. 

The Emerson Corrective

I'm aware of the Emerson Collective and other high-minded organizations trying to make the world better for everyone but what sense does it make when they are working at cross-purposes with our own, supposedly elective, government? 

They should put their efforts into undoing the evil Republican assault on democracy and decency, renaming themselves the Emerson Corrective. That would do more good than anything, if the misanthropy could be stopped. 

There's no way they can win against the tidal wave of evil coming out of Washington. 

Great Dismal

Wow, the Trump swamp is a record breaker. Following the lead of Donald, their self-indulgent commander-in-chief, Tom Price, the Mnuchin munchkin and others are living high on our dime. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Conservation of Hate

Immaterial things are conserved as well, just like matter. Southern Americans conserved racial animosity in the wake of desegegation. Cold-warriors conserved a tribal, Manichean need to have an enemy and a war. 

This is the new Republican Party, which they mostly comprise, running entirely on enmity. 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Not Personally Racist

Both Goldwater and Nixon were said to be "not personally racist" as though it's somehow better. They used their racist strategies anyway, which is worse for being cynical. The conservative "conscience" is a thing of convenience, arrogance, presumption and greed. 

They are deserving by definition. Their superiority is assumed. After decades of covert racism the overt faction, who always understood the insinuations and innuendo​, are creeping out of their caves, exposing what was always there. At least these thugs are sincere. 

Here's where it has gotten us:

Congress is besieged by Kochsuckers.
The Supreme Court is infected by hacks.
The Presidency is infested by a goon.

Being "not personally racist" isn't a good thing when racist tactics are employed. It's morally corrosive. And so now we have a system that is horrifically racist, bigoted, aggressive and cruel and nobody owns it. Our society is dissociative and in denial about what we are. 

Relatively few people are personally racist but the society is racist as hell.

Plato's Retreat

Plato's understanding of understanding was, in my view, not about power, prestige and possession but about, well, undertanding. Sure, the knowledge might be useful, but it wasn't mainly about manipulation and prediction. Aristotle, on the other hand, was the original white boy, on a quest for power. Knowledge became a thing to be acquired and owned, a source of personal and societal enhancement. 

There's a bunch of overlap. Plato used his tactics to expose and confuse his epistemological enemies. I see it as impersonal, not about him or any author or agent but about the argument itself independently of any ego-inflating effects accruing to anyone. Aristotle made big advances in areas in which there are minimal, directly practical applications but the spirit of it has undercurrents of aggression. 

I'm too rusty on this to discuss it very well but we are inheritors of the traditions of Aristotle, since the Enlightenment, and it hasn't exactly worked, not if you regard the quest for power as a faulty and futile thing and fear the nearing capability of destroying the systems that maintain us and our civilization. I count cultural suicide as a bad thing and recommend a return to the more humane ways of Plato.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Concupiscence of a Conservative

Sexual desire and greed can't be disentangled in the dark underworld of the Republican psyche. Their lust is amorphous and ill-defined, carnal in origin but foraging afield for reassurance because of insecurity, marked by triumphalism, swag and swagger, a hopeless and vain compulsion to find, assert and demonstrate their potency. 

Trump shows the way, a marrier of women hugely weaker than him, in wealth and other ways, and ideally with an immigrant's limited command of English so they can't understand the subtler clues indicating he's an idiot, an old trick. He lords it over anyone, compulsively and recklessly, knowing deep-down what undeserving garbage he is.

Cuck Fighting

Newt Gingrich is a prime example. A passionless pussy and wimp, he must try to prove his manhood by deceit and manipulation. Nothing is ever enough because the mojo deficit is so severe. 

Now the cucks are fighting among themselves. Watch Mitch McConnell, a southern, deep-fried piece of shit and repugnant loser who should be behind a counter at a KFC. He married his money.

Mitch is being challenged and ridiculed by another cuck, our boy Trump, a true champion of the class. Take that, Mitch, and make mine extra-crispy. Crap, he's in the back kowtowing to Kochs.

Aha, and Donald is dominating Mitch's wife daily.  It's so incredibly primal and pathetic. The cuck wars continue. And Donald has the nukes while Mitch is among the chickens, a loser even there.

Children's Crusade: a Republican Dance With Death

Morally, the American Religious Right are children who think they have been called by God to symbolically recapture the the Holy Land and reinstate His rule. 

This was tried before in the Middle Ages and it didn't go well, I'll tell them. The Pied Piper of Brooklyn, their mesmerizing head, is leading them into destruction.

Friday, September 29, 2017

The 7 Habits of Trump, a Highly Ineffective Person

1. Be indescribably self-centered. It helps to be born independently rich.
2. Treat other people as objects and things to be used and discarded. 
3. Think win-lose. Constantly brag, tout yourself and blow your own horn. 
4. Belittle other people at every opportunity in order to feel more important. 
5. Be imperious, divisive, inconsistent and mean. It enhances your power.
6. Rely on others to bail you out while barking about your self-sufficiency.
7. Remember above everything else that no one matters as much as you. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

"Some Day My Prince Will Come..."

Moving on now from calamitous healthcare reform to calamitious tax reform we will witness the Republicans frolicking in an area in which they have demonstrated expertise, bankrupting the government. Why must they? Because only the government, as designed, with a balance of powers, can protect us from the final corporatization of our democracy into rule by the rich. 

The gavel will come down on Washington at last--the sale final. However powerful they may seem McConnell and Ryan are lackeys. Observe them closely. They are submissive, most comfy kowtowing to Kochs. They will be discarded eventually and live out their lives in reptilian indolence, a perfection of sangfroid--actual cold-bloodedness--protected forever from the warm-blooded masses.

Meanwhile they will try to destroy Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as soon as the government is sufficiently insolvent, saying we can't afford it. This has always been their goal, to screw poorer people and the Middle Class out of existence. There will be huge tax cuts for the wealthy. Trickle Down and Rising Tide talk await us. And, if you still believe those tired lies--sing it!

"Someday my prince will come..." We will need all the saving we can get, as a powerless class of modern serfs and screwees hoping for miracles, saviors or means of escape, but why give away our freedom in the first place? Evidently we are undeserving of it, careless and spoiled. Shame on us for taking for granted this amazing gift for which few of us have ever sacrificed anything.


I have been trying my hand at Medium and it's demoralizing reading most of the writing there, though it's democratic as hell. Extremes really do seem to meet, I find myself thinking, because the authoritarians and the solipsists end up in the same place, unable to assert humane, sustainable social values, thereby endangering the structures enabling free speech in the first place.

The spiritual solipsists represent a radically Protestant approach, schismatism down to the point that each person becomes their own, irrefutable, one true church. The radical Catholics, by adherence or adoption, are flaming authoritarians and therefore hacks, putting reason at the service of their secular, idolatrous gods (ad Maiorem something Gloriam) by analogy to their religious instincts. 

Sorry, but I don't think we can go on like this. I see dissolution in our future. The challenge we face is ourselves, a challenge from within. We are destroying ourselves needlessly. Incidentally, we are making it impossible for future generations to do anything but try to recover from our mess. I can imagine only one way out if it, charismatic leadership, and I don't see it out there.