Thursday, December 14, 2017

Frozen Drool

With the cold weather lately I'm concerned about our elected representatives in Washington slipping and falling on all of the frozen drool of the Republicans salivating their way through to a tax bill spelling the final victory for wealthy Americans in the quest for unrestricted control of the country. Be careful, boys!

Christmastime in Washington

Hate fills the air like a snowstorm. It's like black snow if you can picture that. Make no mistake, the Republican tax bill will kill American citizens just as the failed attempts at healthcare reform, but in a more indirect way.

Deprivation and Taxes

Keep in mind that Paul Ryan entered politics out of college. Prominent Republicans are always on the lookout for promising recruits. Stephen Miller was another such prodigy, a young man whose heart was filled with arrogance and hate from childhood. He was drafted by Jeff Sessions after establishing his hate "cred" and he works at the White House as a professional political hack. 

Groomed and coddled, they are protected from the harsh reality and uncertainty of real work. Cushy jobs and safe seats await them. Competition, which they praise in principle, is beneath them. They skip right to the unlimited security of dark money and sucking off the government they despise, indistinct sources of funds. Similarly to Miller, Paul Ryan stood out for his arrogance and contempt. 

No other qualifications are required. He was destined for a role in the implementation of the Republican new world order of cruelty. Now in middle age, Ryan's only dream has been to screw his fellow citizens out of their livelihoods, which has been his livelihood, working for the government he is determined to undermine and dismantle. The monstrous Republican tax plan is the fulfilling of this dream.

We watch now, nearly helpless to prevent it, as our lives as citizens in a rational, mostly humane, somewhat representative democracy come to an end. And Paul Ryan, who has expertise in nothing but politics, will see it through. He is in the tradition of Lee Atwater, Newt, Karl Rove, Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed and Grover Norquist, lives lived in hatred and in the promulgation of despair. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Joy to the World

The kind, compassionate, caring face of the good Christian, Roy Moore, will plague us no more. The persecutory mania he represents, however, is flourishing all around us this Christmas season. 

Washington Republicans are on the attack, indulging the insatiable beasts of greed and the desire for dominion. Their reward is in this world. I pray for them there is no afterlife involving justice. 

They will not fare well there.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Taxi Driver

My theory is that Roy Moore was responsible for the murder of John Lennon and that John Hinkley, Jr. was his pawn and surrogate. Moore, deranged in his youth by burning Beatles' records and confronting an obsession with young girls as an adult, manipulated Hinkley into killing John Lennon. 

Moore's fingerprints are all over the Jodie Foster obsession of Hinkley, who was the taxi Moore effectively drove into Lennon on that fateful day, the killing understood by Moore as part of a larger war to save America from sin. Such is the heart of Moore--a soul riddled with anger and festering in fear.

Here, There and Everywhere...

To recreate the dream of love--the dream of civilization--we must know how far we have fallen. Everywhere, now, there is fear, hatred and greed. Let us recreate the dream of love. Love must be strong.


War isn't over. We don't want it. 

Have a good year, in spite of the fear.

War isn't over. We don't want it.

Roy Moore Will Win

I can't believe the idiot Yankees still think they can shame the states of the Deep South into behaving. They have no shame. And the last thing they will stand for is to have vain, self-righteous, impractical northerners dictating their politics or anything else. Any effort in that direction will have the opposite effect. We must wait until the racists die out or enough decent people move in to offset the horror. Remember, this is Alabama, not America.

Washington Babylon

Where is our muse? Where is the person who will expose the undeniable and obvious truth: that Washington, the U.S. Capital, has become an unrivaled den of iniquity and a pit of despair? The residents of Sodom and Gomorrah were rubes and amateurs. 

Though, I'm sure their hearts were in it. They only lacked the resources to do it up right. They had no private airplanes, no expense accounts and insider trading, and no off-shore banks and resorts. Civilization has progressed since those primitive times.

Citizens of Sodom couldn't hold a candle to our crooks. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

A Middle Class Tax Cut on the Rich

What may seem like ambiguity, lying, double-talk, evasion and equivocation is actually not, the White House said today in defense of its new tax bill representing the combined wisdom of the houses of Congress. It is a "Middle Class Tax Cut on the Rich." President Donald never intended to cut taxes on less affluent people--he meant that the Middle Class, what's left of it, was to provide for a tax cut by voting for him.

They are paying for it. It is the Middle Class's tax cut in that sense. Sorry about the mixup. They enabled it by voting for Donald and are funding it, as he had always had in mind. His wealthy friends are really furious with him because they aren't getting more of a break. He is exhibiting extraordinary resolve in resisting their demands. Give him some credit. These people, like Donald, are used to getting their way.

Dear Sarah

In the spirit of the day I have owned my sexism and realized I am holding back, because she is a woman, on calling Sarah Huckabee Sanders a lying sack of shit. I was thus dishonest, patronizing, and demeaning to her. She is fully skilled at demeaning herself. 

Honest, open, sincere relations between the sexes are essential if we are to advance as a society. Sarah, you screaming whore and degraded, evangelical scum, may you rot in hell. Thank you, respectfully, and say "hello" to Donald for me.

Standing By Her Man

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is standing by her man, lying her Christian ass off for Trump. "Faith" they call it--the ability and proclivity to believe anything no matter the evidence. This is a beautiful thing, with beautiful beliefs, but with Sanders it's just degrading.

Bush and his cronies all walked away unscathed. They are probably richer for their efforts. We paid the price. Trump can't be stopped soon enough to prevent another catastrophe, I don't think. Let's hold them accountable this time, later on, with public humiliation.

Whatever happened to "the stocks"? I think Sanders and her people believe in that shit--corporal punishment and being shamed in the town square. Alrighty, let's give their puritanical asses their own kind of treatment. It's better than they deserve. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Santa Claus, Go Straight to the Gated Community

Orrin, you and your fellow Republicans don't want to see Santa Claus waste toys on sickly, undeserving, underclass children in the inner city, do you? They're going to have crap lives anyway because we can't afford to care for them. Mormon Tabernacle Choir, sing it!

   Santa Claus, go straight to the gated community...

I prefer this version:

Friday, December 8, 2017

Now I Understand

Everything has a context. Clearly Roy Moore erected his monolith of the Ten Commandments not out of concern for public morals but to try to curb his own libidinous drives. Now I feel a certain sympathy for him. No, that's not right. I feel a certain compassion. Maybe not, but I understand--that he's an unrepentent, self-righteous, self-important piece of trash. He can't possibly have learned anything yet because he hasn't learned humility.

A Response to Ron Collins on Medium

Ron, your hatred of the liberal bogeyman is fully out in the open now but relax and be reassured--your side has been utterly victorious. No such thing as a viable liberal politics exists in America today. The overlords and backers of the Republican Party have seen to that. Enjoy their hegemony and if you don't like any of it blame them, not us. 

You see, I am a proud progressive, an inheritor of the true traditions of America--moderation, inclusion, respect and rationality. America has historically been as divided as any of the countries derided by us for their religious and tribal insanity such as Iraq, Yugoslavia (once) and Northern Ireland but we can't see it because it's OUR baggage. 

A third of the country, the American South, was a terrorist substate for most of our existence, a haven for bigots, braggarts, losers, degenerates and bullies. Even after having had their balls handed to them in dramatic fashion in the Civil War, during which much of the decent genetic material was removed from the white population leaving us with the likes of Jeff Sessions, they did not give up and remained a racist refuge into the 1960's. 

With desegregation the real, final battle for the conscience of America began. Republicans, whose party was always the repository of privilege, sold their souls for votes using the Southern Strategy. The results are observable and startling. Their success has been complete. We have had one Yankee president since JFK, Barack Obama. Every other intervening president has been either a Republican--and, therefore, since desegregation, an honorary Southerner--or an actual Southerner: Johnson, Carter and Clinton. 

The racist South, having held the country hostage forever, has taken control and founded a new country on their terms, the supremacy of property and privilege. Injustice is deeply entrenched. Deprivation is endemic. Sit back, Ron, and feel the love. Scumbags, thugs and greedy assholes are in charge. We wage illegitimate wars, screw working people, torture and bomb anyone we want, and imprison our own citizens like a banana republic. 

Your President openly defends racists. The middle class is disappearing. Hypocrites occupy the moral high ground. I allow you your victory but, please--out of respect for the people who did in fact fight and die for an ideal and not some hideous, tribal, racist ideology--when you finally get the constitutional convention your oligarchic leaders crave, rename the country The Confederate States of America or Boca Raton or whatever you want. 

The United States of America is dead. It exists no more, our ersatz Camelot, in the age of Trump and his army and coalition of self-serving pigs and racist sociopaths.

Calling All Malls

Roy Moore is coming to Washington. Experts in psychology agree that the relocation to this den of Republican vice might trigger a reversion to his stalking of young girls. I mean, how many guys do you know who have been banned from a mall? All malls must be notified and remain on high alert. Stop Roy! Our children deserve protection. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

An Exercise in Excellence in Lying

Republicanism has degenerated into an exercise in obfuscation--believers trying to lie creatively and persuasively enough to get their way. Humoring these citizens while hoping it will end hasn't worked. Those who thought the disorder might be self-limiting or temporary were wrong. The evidence is clear. They will never stop unless challenged and exposed.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Washington Fleece-Fest

The fleece-fest continues in the nation's Capitol this holiday season. Not only will the working man's hero, Donald Trump, fail to veto the latest shearing and stripping he's helping it through a Republican Congress ambivalently on board because it isn't screwing people enough. But a "victory" must be had. We should be thankful it isn't a slaughter.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Merry Christmas, Suckers!

Comforting the comfortable and afflicting the afflicted--insulting the losers who have to work for a living--Republicans wish you the holidays you deserve, largesse to the rich and further deprivation for the needy. Suckers! Watch Trump's blue collar voters take it up the ass this Christmas. 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

A Lump of Coal

Hey, all I got from Santa in the way of a tax break was a lump of coal!

I Predict

1. The tax cuts of the Republicans will produce intolerable deficits.

      Reasoning: they always have.

2. Republicans will then try to cripple Social Security and Medicare.

      Reasoning: they always have.

Good Christian Men, Rejoice!

The Senate has passed a tax bill containing impressive cuts for the rich while throwing a bone to lesser beings, giving the world an opportunity, as they await their Savior, to watch Donald Trump gloat his way through the holidays. Good Christian Men, Rejoice! Greed, your real lord, is now honored among us above all else. Throw a bone to Jesus, too.

No man can serve two masters: for either he
will hate the one, and love the other; or else
he will hold to the one, and despise the other.
Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Matthew 6:24

Friday, December 1, 2017

God Rest Ye Merry, Assholes

I am soliciting for carolers to entertain Congress with renditions of this song.

Syllogism from Hell

   Justice is the whim and will of God
   The will of God is arbitrary and unknowable
   Justice is arbitrary and unknowable

In the world-view of the Calvinist/Republican political movement injustice is justice, life is impossible and unintelligible and whatever happens happens. However cruel and unjust, life must be embraced and accepted as it is because it is assumed to be God's will.

Moreover, since good works are anathema and ineffective in the service of salvation, someone who is obviously favored by God through worldly success without any evidence of being decent and deserving is on a higher plane than an apparently deserving person. 

An awful person's behavior surely hasn't been spoiled and compromised by trying to leverage a way into heaven through self-serving, futile decency. Welcome to Hell. According to this outlook working to make life good and humane is sacrilege and an insult to God.

Dreaming of a White Supremacy Christmas

Trump's amusing retweets don't mean anything in one way. Donald loves to piss people off and he's good at it. Still, our society has to process this and Donald hasn't been forced to sit in a corner as he should.

Why? Because there are assholes among us, more than we thought, and they love a little hate. Why? Because there are racists among us, possibly an immoral majority, and they love a swipe at the vulnerable.

Why? Because we are lazy and morally morose. No indignation is enough to balance out the new hate. Action is required and we aren't up to it. I'm not up to it. Writing is as active as I get. It isn't nearly enough. 

Nightly News Trauma

Greater lies are always needed to sustain the white citizens' councils of the Republican Party as their politics and policies get further from reality. A new tax plan is offered, an obvious Trojan Horse, containing table scraps for average wage earners and enough bounty for the rich to lock-in their control of our government forever.

In cases like this the point of no return is only apparent when it is too late. It might have been crossed already. The country is so rich the defeated masses are only disadvantaged and too drunk on consumer goods to care enough to act appropriately by riding the lying politicians out of town on a rail, preferably tarred and feathered.

The nightly news is too traumatic to watch. 

Republican after Republican lies about a tax bill that every reasonably unbiased observer agrees is a disaster for working people, but stock markets soar. Somebody is happy. American baby-boomers, the most catastrophically greedy, selfish, irresponsible group in the history of mankind, plot to mortgage the welfare of future generations. 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


You have to wonder, after nearly 40 years of disconfirming evidence, what the trick is with tax cuts. Reagan cut taxes, raised defense spending, caused soaring deficits and bankrupted the State. People with lesser incomes began to be left behind and the profits of the wealthy started to soar unimaginably, proving the fantasy of rising tide and supply side.

Yet every Republican since has sought the same and their gullible, lower-class share of the electorate acquiesces, fooled or hypnotized into submission. Their faces are defensive or vacant. Perhaps muttering "yes, master" they dutifully do as beckoned. Under Trump, their "populist" president, the same thing is happening. Mesmerized, they fall in line.

These idiotic white people voted themselves down the river, into servitude.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Unenlightened Times

The real heritage of America is The Enlightenment. It's a tradition of rationality, moderation and inclusion. It's based on individualism, progressivism, practicality, personal responsibility, openness, optimism, compromise and the acceptance and welcoming of dissent. Our real heritage is the opposite of everything Republicans stand for. 

Christmas, Time in Hell

Christmas at the White House is suitably Trumpian this year--gaudy, ostentatious and tasteless--with an ice palace theme befitting its queen, Melania. Hearts are frozen hard among the hangers-on, elves serving the new administration of doom. 

Nothing has been done by them but to push to benefit the rich and hurt everyone else--not that this is new, of course. Trump, surprised by his own win, turned to the "think tanks" of Republican horror who supplied him with bogus ideas and political hacks.

No doubt they will gather around and watch It's a Wonderful Life and mock George Bailey, a selfless and impractical man. He is not a true entrepreneur and the movie is sentimental tripe to Republicans. They might be far along by next Christmas.

The rich might be locked into their hegemony forever. Republicans, too, have their dreams.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Universal Suffering

Roy Moore and others like him are known, by the Calvinist doctrine of the Perseverence of the Saints, to be higher beings whose earthly presence is an accident and an interruption in their beatific existence. Their feet barely touch the ground and they await with impatience their heavenly destiny. 

Misdeeds by such superior entities are trivial blemishes on their divinity. Ignore their errors and consider instead your own inescapable course by comparison, that the rest of us are fated for destruction and "intended" by God, from birth and before, for disenfranchisement from holiness and salvation.

Practical, political disenfranchisement is nothing in this scheme but part of the sad, illusory escapade of mortality so don't worry about it. Misery was always our determined end. Roy, Jeff Sessions and their companions among the elect are committed to ensuring our misery. It's God's will and our due.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Happy Harpy from Potomac Bend

Speaking of contempt, how much worse (better) can it get than sending Callista Gingrich to the Vatican as the representative of the most powerful country on earth? As an efficient act of bilateral degradation and debasement, it's genius. The Pope is probably appalled. Donald was elected with the help of Catholics, however. Aren't they proud now? Her adultery isn't disqualifying in my opinion. It's that she slept with Newt at all.

Show of Contempt

Only by viewing Trump's administration as a sweeping show of contempt can you see its logic and coherence. The contempt results from a ruse by the rich to weaken and destroy the federal government, the only thing standing between them and total social control. Finally their "opponents" will be effectively disempowered. Average citizens rely on the government to guarantee their rights. Rights are for rich people, it turns out, in the view of the rich.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Manson Family Values

Charlie Manson was a product of Appalachian neglect and abuse and a fan of manipulation--a charismatic, narcissistic leader obsessed with race. He asked his followers to obey his wishes and submit to him and secondarily to his idiotic and patently delusional beliefs. 

This is Republicanism, a cult which crushes individualism, requires obedience and adherence to irrational doctrines and instigates murder by remote control, looking on as the killing and chaos unfold. Manson expected personal loyalty above all, as does our president. 

Friday, November 24, 2017

Blackened Friday

America's annual consumption orgy, known as Black Friday, is today and the mask is off. Whatever innocence remained to the American Dream as represented by the opportunity to improve one's life it is gone, reduced to shameful exercises in indulgence without a hint of social and ethical awareness. 

Trump has seen to the last shreds of the pretense that America stands for anything. We have come to rest at the lowest of common demominators, scrambling for control of resources. America no longer represents hope, optimism, enthusiasm, generosity and real dreams but only cynicism and compulsion. 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

What a Turkey

On Thanksgiving a person should feel thankful and peaceful and forgiving. In that spirit I want to say to Donald Trump, our dolt of a president, I forgive you. You are obviously too stupid to do your job. It's not your fault. I blame the idiots who elected you. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Republicans and Collectivization

I have made the point before that Republicans are commies because they believe in the transcendence and inevitability of the class struggle and are simply trying to win. Also I noted that Republicans are proving Marx right by causing untenable concentrations of capital which will lead to a fatal, inevitable economic meltdown as foreshadowed in 2008.
A further aspect of Republican totalitarian perfidy is the consolidation (collectivization) of everything they can get their hands on through the economically unjustified corporatization of formerly decentralized industries and occupations. These corporations are now, more efficiently since Citizens United and the advent of Trump, the de facto government.

Parallels with other totalitarian regimes are all around. Choose your favorites. When I was a child family farms were still viable, if not prospering. Groceries and department stores were multifarious and the owners lived in the community. Similarly with pharmacies and many other businesses of every kind. Republicans blindly favored consolidation and scale.

Larger businesses have been buying influence in Washington for decades, leading to ever increasing collectivization, reducing choice, competition and sometimes overall efficiency. America produces food with extreme efficiency, narrowly viewed, for example, but fails to capture the externalities and social costs of pollution and environmental degradation.

We then throw away 40% of what we produce. These kinds of irrationalities exist throughout the system, defended, backed and encouraged by Republican ideological intransigence and aggression. Republicans also have their gulags, disproportionately incarcerating black men who resort to antisocial behavior because of deprivations created by Republicans. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Lost Horizon

America's edenic time is at an end. It was always a reality tinged with illusion. Now it is an illusion tinged with reality. Soon it will be nothing but an illusion, existing only in the minds of men, and so separated from reality it will become lethal to its inhabitants. Say goodbye to Shangri-La. We were lucky ever to have glimpsed it.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Factual Content Warning

Conservatives, I know it worries you that your children might be damaged and corrupted by explicit factual material. I don't blame you--reality can be pretty hard core--but some of us have an unfortunate addiction to it we are unlikely to shake.

Producers of explicit factual content might be persuaded to rate and label their product to protect the minds and formation of your youngsters and teenagers. Nakedly factual subject matter could then be suitably packaged for their protection.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Fallacy of Republicanism

Normally I am loathe to accuse anyone of being anything. I try to stick with behaviors. I don't typically accuse Republicans of being liars, for example, I accuse them of lying. If unsure I keep in mind the example of some of America's corporate elite, the CEO's of all of the major tobacco companies, each of whom testified under oath, before Congress, that they believed nicotine not to be addicting. 

That was in 1994, the year of the beginning of the remaking of the American State by the hideous Gingrich gang. I can't tell you that those CEO's are liars because I can't see into their cynical, compartmentalized, greedy psyches but I can tell you that it is untrue that nicotine isn't addicting. When people give up their individual responsibilities, however, through identification, what then? 

Republican Congressmen have lined up shamelessly to lie about healthcare, taxes and everything. What goes on in their sick souls, who knows, but these are lies as surely as any about nicotine and they are motivated to lie as were those CEO's. The nicotine lies were more directly for personal benefit, the lies about taxes and health insurance more lies of cult-like, doctrinal obedience. 
Isn't it fair to call people liars when they have voluntarily opted out of their individualism and degraded themselves through conformity, identification and obeisance while they falsely claim the opposite, that they are paragons of freedom and independence? I don't think so. We still can't judge people, only behaviors, even when they abdicate their individualism, consciences and humanity. 

But we can judge the movement, the evil entity of their allegiance, the virtual repository of the mortgages on their souls, the Republican Party. I therefore declare the Republican Party to be an evil organization built on ambition and greed and unfit for any socially constructive purpose. The Party is a fallacious composition incapable, on balance, of producing anything resembling goodness or truth.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Even Dotards Have Rights

By the way, I want to make it clear that, by my criticisms of Trump, I in no way deny or diminish the civil rights of dotards. Dotards have rights too. 

Trump and the Aroma of Salvation

Once and for all, evangelical Christians are not holding their noses while supporting Trump but breathing fully and deeply of the aroma and stench of his Trumpness. It is important to understand this. Otherwise the extremity of the perversion and degradation is lost, together with the full severity of the threat to civilization.

Evangelical Christians are in love with Trump because he has been so obviously chosen by God in the most extreme degree. He is both a billionaire and a piece of shit. Since Trump is so catastrophically undeserving, depraved and incompetent it's impossible that he achieved his position through his own character and efforts. 

It can only be the will of God. Trump is therefore a massive rebuke to the false doctrine of good works and evidence of the arbitrary nature of salvation. Trump was "saved" in spite of himself, a more unworthy person being unimaginable. In addition Donald reeks of the end-times, which idiotic fundamentalists candidly long for.

Who knows, evangelicals are so incomprehensibly sick they might believe Trump to be the Second Coming or its herald at some level of consciousness. After all, Trump is a law unto himself and a living repudiation of every earthly standard of decency. Turds are many and mighty among Republicans but there is only one Trump.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

We've arrived. Our destination is reached, our desires realized and our consciences archived. Who knew it could be so easy. All we had to do is sell our souls. They weren't worth much, it turns out. At any rate, they were had cheaply.

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Truman Show Delusion Delusion

People who think they are living in the Truman Show aren't deluded. We are living in a Truman Show. People who think they aren't living in a Truman Show are deluded. 

It isn't even a good Truman Show. I might condone it if it were a healthy, harmless, humane and attractive parallel-place but it's sickass. The producers are the super-rich.

Some day, when we outlive our usefulness, they will pull the plug, douse the fires, turn out the lights and leave. Some day, inevitably, the world is going to get real on us.

All of the lies will fall away and we'll see reality again. The "set" might still be habitable but it isn't going to be nice. Livable is what it will be at best. The producers don't care.

They aspire to be gods and they will decamp and ascend with their cash. Remember, in America wealth is inerrancy and holiness--the godless fatalism of Puritanism. 

Saturday, November 11, 2017

OK Stupid

I have a surefire, money-making plan for a Republican dating service patterned on their prevailing populism and available for crowdfunding on Nonstarter. The dating site will be called OK, Stupid

Candidates, as prospective dates are known, are assumed to be lying about everything. Attention and interest, I suppose, will flow to those who lie most outrageously, promising impossibilities.

My behavioral studies show that the outlandishness of the overt misrepresentations, once uncovered, will not be noted or disqualify candidates from dating, ongoing relationships or anything else.

Friday, November 10, 2017

An American Responsary

I envision a day when America's Kochist elementary schools will engage in morning drills involving a teacher and student call-and-response, followed by the singing of a stirring hymn, The Poor Will Be With You Always.

Teacher: Healthcare is for those who work hard for it or are born rich and not others. They don't deserve it and we can't afford it!

   Students: Yes, we can't!

T: Security, in retirement, is for those who put away heaps of money and no one else. They don't deserve it and we can't afford it! 

   S's: Yes, we can't!

T: Police and the military are there to protect productive citizens, not criminals and scum. They don't deserve it and we can't afford it!

   S's: Yes, we can't! 

T: Elections are for people who own property, not for losers with no stake in the State. They don't deserve it and we can't afford it! 

   S's: Yes, we can't!

And so on indeterminately, depending on the endurance and creativity of the instructor. 

Donald's Asian Victory Lap

It's a little late for a victory lap but it is the anniversary of Trump's glorious win and in keeping with Asian traditions Donald is feeling the love and seeing his own greatness manifested in parades, pageantry, mouth-flapping and bravado. Evidence of his actual accomplishments is rare. This is in keeping with the ways of China and Russia. 

Stalin and Mao falsely tried to tout successes to conceal their failure even to keep people alive. They had bigger goals in mind, remaking societies, than the welfare of inconvenient hordes of citizens. Healthcare, anyone? Trump has shown only one skill, shooting off his mouth in futile attempts to distract from his feckless, chaotic and shameful rule.

Donald is a pig. He lusts for power and he's indifferent to the sufferings of the citizens supposedly in his charge. But he isn't an ideologue. He is only fixated on himself. The "idea" people are behind the scenes. Empowered by a leveraged, gerrymandered and illegitimate election, Donald is a tool. And he's an opportunist and a self-aggrandizing oaf.

However painful it isn't a bad idea to relive the horror of Donald's election on its anniversary. It either isn't what we are or we deserve whatever calamity awaits us, a potentially Maoist kind of social and economic web of lies and a rationalized descent into murderous, opaque, misrepresentative government and totalitarian, oligarchic, anti-democratic rule.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Another High Tech Lynching

Clarence Thomas was run through the system fairly, emerging victorious with the help of his white supporters who were thrilled to hire him to hold a lantern, mow the lawn and pick up trash at the Supreme Court. The vigilantes were on his side. Bill Clinton was deemed unfit for his role by Republicans, infuriated at his victory, not because of anything he did, apart from winning, but for what he was and what he represented, a blow to the treasonous forces of minority rule.

Clinton was the target of the vigilantes, who declared "open season" on him. Whitewater was an invention, a smoke screen and and an excuse to begin the persecution. "Investigations" expanded everywhere from there, illegally and with the benefit of heaps and mounds of Mellon cash. Hillary is in line for the same treatment, as the primary focus for Republican hatred, never mind that whatever she did it was Girl-Scout material in relation to the crimes of George W. Bush. 

The objective, of course, is to distract from a Republican president whose innate criminality and incompetence make Bush's look like nothing. God help us if we have another terror attack. We haven't yet recovered from the last episode of Republican rule. And Trump is laying the groundwork for the next recession and financial collapse, deregulating and deprofessionalizing everything. His trigger finger is itchy but the public is wary because of past adventurism.

All he needs is an excuse. Hello, Rocket Man. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

In Vitro, Veritas

Examine closely the Republican obsession with wombs. It's a Freudian field-day. How to abstract from that the many issues of mommy-lust and daddy destruction? Of repressed desires and regressive fantasies? 

Isolate Republicans in a test tube and you get all the nasty elements of the fear of life and the loathing of the self, of unowned aspects of human nature and the projection of those onto innocent people and existence itself.

Republicans continue to see their unacknowledged weakness and suspected depravity in others and in the world at-large. Watch them fester in their test-tube environment and, voilĂ , the evil is seen to be within. 

Just the Hacks, Ma'am.

How do you know a hack? Examples are easy to find. Choose any conservative "think tank" and consider its output. The liklihood they will conclude that tax cuts on the rich are bad social and economic policy is nothing even though it is true.

Hacks have sold their souls. Immediately it's apparent that hack-dom reaches high levels. The Supreme Court is populated by right-wing hacks, on the one side. Hacks gave us Iraq. Bush inherited people who had some knowledge and sense.

He fired them and installed idiots with appropriate opinions on the "unborn." Hacks gave us the Great Recession. They believe in deregulation as a matter of faith. Hacks are immune to feedback and reasoning. It's not about reason or reality.

It's about power. And it's one thing to have a few hacks around, another nothing but hacks.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Does He Know?

Herr Donald's latest international trip is incoherent even by his standards. Suspicion falls on the heavy footsteps of Robert Mueller. Has the Trumpster done anything illegal? I don't think he knows, but assumes he has, and with good reason.

Donald doesn't subscribe to the rule of law. Like most Republicans--blinded by greed or self-righteousness and cynicism--he isn't concerned with legality but what he can get away with. The law, morality and decency are for lesser beings.