Monday, September 25, 2017

A nun walks into a bar...

I identify more often lately with Stanley, Dudley Moore's character in Bedazzled. All I ever wanted was to have a decent life, like Stanley. Someone, however, is messing me around: "Trust me, all you have to do is cut taxes on the rich, cut taxes on the rich..."

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Zoroastrianism: Real Answers in Confused Times

I believe that evangelical Christians support Trump because they think he brings us closer to the apocalypse but I draw the line and refuse to go along with planetary destruction. I can see how they associate Donald with the end-times and it fits with the denial of global warming and permanent war and military budgets that could feed every hungry person in the world, no problem. Therefore, I am turning my allegiance and affiliation to Ahura Mazda. 

Zoroastrians believe that the destruction of nature is a BAD thing. I happen to agree. Zoroastrians believe in good and evil but reject the association of evil with the physical world. I like the physical world. Though, I suppose I am prejudiced. It's all I have ever known. If evangelical Christians have a pitch for the excellence and humanitarian superiority of the obliteration of everything I am willing to listen. Meanwhile, I'm going with Zoroaster.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Dark Night of the American Seoul

Donald Trump's UN speech reveals just how careless he and his supporters are of the lives of other people--in this instance, millions of South Koreans. They don't factor into his calculations a bit. When Trump says he's looking out for America, just as every country looks out for itself, he's sending a message: get lost and screw you. His hairness is going rogue. 

He's a Sarah Palin with man-tits.

The rest of the world can fend for themselves. At home, this is also true of anyone Trump chooses to neglect, condemn or attack. We are all at the whim of this sociopathic regime. 

Fast Times at Republican HIgh

The arrested Republican white boys, struggling as always to achieve escape velocity from their sociopathic adolescence, are carrying on with the persecution reflex and undermining democracy and majority rule whenever they can. A lot of of is pure cruelty. 

A cascade of lies washes over us. A torrent of antagonism engulfs us. What are antiheros without recourse or reference to morality? They are evil. The context of intelligibility (the LOGOS, for those with Christian sensibilities) itself is under threat and in retreat. 

Who says the good side has to win? No doubt the renegades identify at some level with Clint Eastwood's characters, bending the rules and rough around the edges but ultimately upholding a higher law: individualism, autonomy, responsibility and order.

In other words, they are conceited and delusional. Ask yourselves--do they stand for order or chaos; and for accountability or not? They stand for chaos. They say they are Christians but they are working for the other guy.

Who Needs Statues

Who needs statues when you can legislate manslaughter. Another ill-wind has blown in from the South, the Graham-Cassidy Death Bill. Yet again, an attempt is made to end the lives of poorer Americans prematurely by withholding healthcare. This modest proposal has all the laundering expertise behind it of the cunning devils of Fox News. 

The techniques of distancing and deniability have been perfected. No one will be able to say Lindsey, "Cracker" Graham and his Louisiana side-kick actually killed anybody but they will have it this way. They sow the seeds of deprivation. The surplus population will inevitably diminish, in misery. Cracker and his colleagues all go to church. 

What do they pray for? May Jesus ride in on a cloud sooner rather than later and end it all. They only want to do their share in setting the stage for the apocalypse.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Dinner Conversation at the Bezos Home

"Honey, I bought Whole Foods."

Military School

When I was a kid the boys who got sent to military school either had fathers who were militarists or they were scarily screwed-up, out of control and likely to annihilate themselves or someone else. Donald Trump's father was not a militarist.

People wind up creating the world they believe in...

and the strength of their conviction is proportional to its insanity and insecurity, in compensation. So, the craziest, most pessimistic and fraught people can end up running everything. Evangelical Christians are our version of this. They believe in the apocalypse, that the end-times has an ejection feature and that they alone get to use it.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Let the Destruction (of Trumpism) Begin!

The election of Donald Trump was an unacceptable occurrence and it can't be an accident. He's too inappropriate to be random, as though his name was pulled from a hat, but must be the product of a system run amok, so sick that it has deliberately chosen the character of its demise to end the suspense. 

Never mind that the destruction of the culture was far from a fait accompli and that the breadth, depth and duration of Donald's dynastic misadventures have yet to be defined. It is plenty bad enough. We must start with the determination to see this crushed and work from there, to means and method.

I have plenty of ideas.

Yes, Master

The application of reason in Republican circles always seems to end in recommendations of cruelty. It makes me wonder what master they serve. Their premises, to me, are suspect.

Cowardly Trump Kowtow​s to Extremists

Trump is doing away with DACA, under the influence of racist weasel Jeff Sessions and the scumbag Attorney General of Texas and who knows who else--heartless slimeballs, all.

Fear Aggression

Preemption is most often the result of fear, an attack on an unlikely enemy as a way of coping with one's expectations, projections and suspicions. It's easily recognizable in dogs but now among Republicans. Trump is a cowering inferno of aggression, for this reason.

Responsible Parent/Addictive Parent

It has become clearer now how Republicans have been playing off Democrats like an alcoholic spouse and relying on them to hold the family together while they continue on their 50 year spending bender. They divert money from anything contributing to the family's well-being and shunt it compulsively into things that line their pockets and keep them in positions of power. 

The Power of Hate

Watch as Republicans tiptoe around the monster they've created and so often baited with hate. That attack dog, the core of crazy voters they depend on, is constantly hungry. The bullies are quaking in their boots. Paul Ryan passed a healthcare bill nobody wanted.

Only a dead-man-walking, McCain, could save us from the thing, dripping in blood, as the pack barked and snarled at the door. They are loose now, beyond the control of their trainers, looking for their accustomed red-meat and responding unpredictably to Trump.

Trump is their man. He tries to direct them to the targets he chooses, too stupid to be afraid and too degraded and disconnected to care--consequences of privilege. He assumes his safety with a shield of ignorance and relies on the powers of resentment and hate.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Sunday, September 3, 2017

There Was No Flood in Texas

There was no flood in Texas. Don't you believe it. I want to see its birth certificate. Few things are more certain in life than the expertise of Texans in prying subsidies away from the federal government. Texans kept robber-baron practices alive, for reasons of Christian principle, longer than anyone else, which is to say it is still going on.

Texas is the preeminent spoiled child of American politics and sees the federal government as a reservoir of the mother's milk of disposable cash and political favoritism. The problem is: they tout fiscal conservatism, restraint, and shrinking government only because they want more for themselves, and it's increasingly hard to hide the lies.

So, they invent a flood, replete with a Hollywood treatment. Don't be fooled, citizens. There was no flood. It was all invented to suck more money from the federal government. FreebieWorks, a Koch-founded, "grass-roots" organization dedicated to eliminating legal impediments to the accumulation of wealth, is reportedly on the fence. 

It's a lot of federal spending but their interns are slobbering all over themselves at the sums being considered for relief and rebuilding knowing how the Kochs and their allies are positioned to make a mint, guaranteeing the interns will never have to work a real job. This is similar to the Great Recession and the Iraq War, in that regard.
As surely as every aging Texas oil baron will marry a bimbo, this is a scam.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Broken Bad

I think it's sinking in that a lot of the people who voted for Trump didn't do so unknowingly but because he's unqualified and a maniac. They wanted to blow things up not shake things up. We're about to find out how resilient our system really is.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Republicans Prepare to Persecute Children

Reports are that some grain of humanity in Donald Trump has kept him from repealing DACA, which allows the innocent children of illegal immigrants to go to school and have normal lives and not be chucked over the border like a stick of wood. In a typical Republican triumph of ideology and inhumanity, however, it will probably be repealed. 

Loathsome Ann Coulter and the Breitbart brownshirts and bullies are insisting the president pull the trigger on the little ones. Even Trump was a child once. Somehow that seems not to be true for the hardliners. As always, the assumption is that they will never be treated as they want to treat others--that they are exempt from the cruelty.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Retribution by Trump

Once in a while I'll stumble onto a post on some conservative website and be floored by the hatred and irrationality. It is truly horrifying. The right-wing has had its way in America for decades and is sabotaging the government and systematically disenfranchising Democrats and especially the poorer, more ethnic and diverse populations they represent and yet somehow these hapless and powerless people get blamed.

Fox News and all the other objectifiers and hate-mongers are at work here. But Democrats have taken working people for granted and their contempt for cultural conservatives is obvious. Working people, as most others, will not respect someone in any context if they don't fight back when kicked in the teeth. Hillary couldn't reach them. Few Democrats can with their deracinated, bland, seemingly convictionless spiel. 

Say what you will about Republicans, they have an incredible drive to win. And a drive to screw everyone but the rich, wreck the country and ensure there is never any accountability for their crimes. The post I read recounted a Trump voter's rationale for his continuing support which was retribution. All he wanted was to get back at the left. He said so explicitly and, I will say, with eloquence and venom. But for what?

It's bizarre, since the left hasn't had their way for decades but that's where the lies, hate-mongering and tribalism of Fox and other conservative media come in. Still, Democrats won't fight back. They want to play nice. Fuck that. It gets construed by everyone as a lack of courage and conviction. It's time to fight back. Donald Trump is president and Americans can't even tell right from wrong any more. What does it take?

God Declares Texas Spiritual Disaster Area

Good job, God. Texas is an epicenter for more than flooding, being a proud home of the prosperity gospel and mega-churches with pastors living in mansions. By their logic and that of the climate deniers Texas has been decreed spiritually corrupt and unfit. Repent, Texans, once you've swum to safety. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Cut Taxes and Deregulate: Miracles Will Occur

Ted Cruz had better be scrambling around trying to find some money to rebuild Texas. The points of light are all shorted out by now, I'm sure, in the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. Tight-fisted Ted, always accusing everyone else of raiding federal funds, including victims of Hurricane Sandy, will be walking around with his palms upraised. 

Deregulate and cut taxes, that's what I say. Surely a private sector miracle will rebuild Texas for everyone, rich and poor alike, just as Republicans have been claiming for decades in relation to the national economy. Some of us are still waiting on that miracle but Texas is special and not to be messed with, as they are always anxious to assert. 

Good luck, boys. 

Texas Parade Float Massacre

Let's say you're one of those moronic, corrupt, climate-denying, Trump-voting, evangelical, so-called Christians from Texas whose life is now underwater. How ya' liking your apocalypse? Have you seen Jesus riding by on a parade float? Or, maybe, Sarah Palin? Elvis? 

Rejoice, idiot. The end is near.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Donald Will Never Stop Playing the Dick Card

He thinks it got him where he is. Being born incredibly rich got him where he is. Donald was an outsider and regarded as an upstart and a boor in New York. He's incapable of learning from this because he isn't acting like a dick he is a dick. He can't behave any other way. 

I Do Renounce Satan

Almost every group and faction has an institutional memory of being a minority or being oppressed. Christians can recall many such episodes beginning with the life of Jesus. Jesus was, after all, executed. Christians ought to think twice about capital punishment for this reason alone but of course they love it and now they are increasingly applying their sadism in other ways to average, innocent citizens, deliberately exempting the rich. 

I'm speaking of evangelicals here. Power necessarily entails responsibility. There were arguments in the Bush years about where he ranked among incompetent presidents. The question biases the answer, in Bush's favor. Bush's trainwreck presidency has to be viewed in relation to America's power at the time and its ability to do good or evil. Bush and America had a responsibility to ourselves and the world and it was an epic failure. 

Many people, including me, thought the election of Obama was a tacit admission of our sins and a kind of penance through realignment. Evangelical, so-called Christians however weren't having it. It is clear now they regard their alliance with Satan--Donald Trump--as a strategic move. But they aren't holding their noses and nobody partners with the devil. In dealings with the devil the devil always runs the show. Their souls are well sold. 

We have responsibilities inherent in our success and are fleeing from them headlong. We have the power of cultural adults and the consciences of infants. Who better to embody this than Trump, the deceiver. I thought Bush was the nadir--that it couldn't get any worse without complete societal collapse. Maybe we are there and we have evangelical, ersatz Christians to thank more than anyone. They have abdicated any sense of morality. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Kelly Consolidates Power

Another high-level nutcase is out at the White House, a further indication that General Kelly might be able to establish order short of the instability and incompetence of the president himself. This only distracts from the main point, that Republicans have sabotaged and gerrymandered the government out of existence. It exists and it doesn't, being an illegal version of itself and so in some ways worse than whatever the result of an outright coup or overthrow might be.

Then the old ideals would probably be intact and the lines of disagreement would be clear. Now it is all confusion as Republicans market a bogus, illegitimate and ersatz version of Americanism to a susceptible, lazy and less than well-informed public. Failures and shortcomings are inevitable and it's no news to anyone that Americans have never lived up to their ideals or even the terms of their own laws and founding documents. But this is something different.

The ideals themselves are largely gone, lost in a torrent of Republican lies. Kelly's legitimization of Trumpism is the worst thing that can happen, Trump representing not just a challenge but the complete inversion of the American ethos. Democrats are fighting the transgender wars--maybe the final, ignominious battle in their complete defeat, alienating even true believers in the party with the incredible strategic stupidity of the effort. Trump is baiting them along.

Trump Pardons Fellow Asshole

Donald Trump has pardoned Joe Arpaio, another guy who thinks he is above the law and that he answers to no one. Both men bound themselves to certain duties, in oaths of office. They then ignored the vows and did what they wanted. Each man seems to enjoy power, conflict and cruelty as ends in themselves. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Who Gets the Mantle

You will never convince me there aren't huge father issues at the heart of our darkness. All the recent Republican candidates for the presidency--running to be the national dad--have had very powerful fathers against whom, presumably, they were unconsciously weighing and finding themselves wanting. And then there were Obama and Clinton, who came from nothing.

Republicans wanted to destroy them before they were even in office. They were the usurpers, the false daddies, not because they weren't competent but because they were, thereby challenging the advantages of privilege. It operates independently of competence. Witness George Bush, being rehabilitated as we speak, a man of inconceivable functional worthlessness.

But he's our national dolt and so we find ways to try to like him to spare ourselves an audit of his crimes. They are our crimes now and the most important thing is to avoid a reckoning. And notice how this corresponds with Calvinism and its arbitrary form of salvation. It must be shown that good works never get you anywhere, so Calvinists are reassured by incompetence.

Everything is about luck, inheritance and the self-justifications of wealth and worldly success, the opposite of the founding ethos of the American State, whose originators knew the failures of primogeniture, hereditary rule and unaccountable authority. So there's a social corollary to these individual problems, what group among our generation gets to run the show.

The New Manichean Nation

America's fatal flaw is its self-righteousness. Everything ultimately gets distilled into an overly simplified frame of reference with a known result--we are always the good guys.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Salk vs. The Bomb

It's no wonder Americans are ambivalent about science. On the one hand, there's Salk. Characteristically, we overreacted--thinking there would be a cure, or vaccine, for everything from bursitis to bipolar disorder. 

On the other hand there's Hiroshima, my friend, and the implication of planetary annihilation. Again, typically, we failed to employ dialectical, rational and integrative thinking, preferring the bipolar route over balance. 

We insist on either utopian optimism and idealism or fear and despair. We can't think clearly about anything because we aren't thinking at all, having reverted to tribalism in everything, even science. It's utterly un-American.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Can Losers be Triumphalists?

Triumphalism is my standard for the removal of statues. It's weird to think of Confederates, the losers, as being triumphalists but in truth they never capitulated. Southern white people sure as hell triumphed in subjugating blacks. Ask some older black people. 

Yankees don't see that the South became a terrorist substate as Reconstruction failed. The Civil War never ended there. Following desegregation the battle moved to Washington as neo-confederates and their allies slowly worked to install an illegal government.  

Now we are the new Confederacy. Confederate values--property and privilege--are everything in today's Washington. Money is everything. The government is for sale. Hate is in the air. Every day the effort to establish permanent minority rule goes forward. 

Trump the Sap

Speaking for myself, Trump makes me not want to do anything. He saps my energy and drive. Why bother to work hard when Trump and the Republicans are trying to blow everything up.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Welcome to Democracy (paywall)

Welcome to "Democracy." Please insert your credit card. 

Somewhere Off the Coast of Sanity

I can't think of a good, extendable analogy right now but the battles being fought by the left are minor slave revolts within the confines of a conquered nation. Democrats have been so utterly defeated and swept from the field and they can't see it. 

We are granting assumptions by the nature of our resistance that aren't within the bounds of sanity. We are confirming lost ground and granting and ceding to Republicans things that are outside of the rules of the game. I know, we are supposed to play fair.

They don't. And we are the subjugated, opiated masses. An illusion of democracy sustains us, apart from actual opioids, to which half the country is apparently addicted. We are living a myth as much as our oppressors--that we still have any power at all. 

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Lunatic Eclipse

Something has blotted out the sun. Donald Trump's science advisors report, after careful consideration of the evidence, that it is a sign from God. God is angry with the Democrats for resisting His will as manifested in the last election which Donald won by a HUGE margin. 

Donald hopes that Americans saw his recommendation to view the eclipse without eye protection. Democrats are such wimps and worriers. He suspects that America is becoming "pussified" and won't be able to fight in the war he intends to start one of these days. 

Just in case, though, Donald has decreed that any eye damage due to the eclipse will not be covered by health insurance. People must learn to be responsible for themselves. He has also established "bone spur awareness week" to combat that terrible, debilitating affliction.

All in a day's work.


There must be a musical one day on the life of Donald Trump. That is, once he has been neutralized and the threat he represents to all of civilization--check that--to global, planetary survival, is over.

Meanwhile it would be too traumatic to view. I think we should call it Hair. If only Robert Preston were still alive. This would outdo The Music Man by a mile in its depiction of chicanery. And it's real!

Chaos, Incorporated

Keep in mind that Trump is not the problem. Republicans still have plenty of other horror in store for us. A large chunk of the electorate has been conditioned by them for decades not just to be unable to tell the truth from fiction, and fantasy from reality, but to be intuitively drawn to certain kinds of lies--lies that are rooted in greed, personal ambition and a brand of comforting, ideological depravity. 

Trump was only able to hijack this Republican machine because it was so susceptible to deception. In fact it only runs on deception. But core Republican voters had also been trained to love a very specific, reassuring lie: that we're so special we're exempt from our own or any rules. This is a carryover from an evangelical outlook of fatalism, determinism and a belief that behavior doesn't matter.

In their minds we are necessarily "saved" and so relieved of any further worry about our fate. We can live secure in knowing that we were irrevocably chosen. Republicans are on the wrong side of the great human battle of accountability versus chaos. They are on the side of chaos. Now we are on the side of chaos. Republicans have put us there. It's most obvious with but much deeper than Trump. 

Though, to give him credit, Trump is Chaos, Incorporated. Republicans only wanted to blow up the government out of greed and assorted grudges. Trump is a massive loose cannon and Republicans are struggling to keep him pointed away from themselves. He is capable of destroying anything. It's unclear from what motive, though it appears to be adolescent experimentation and self-indulgence. 

Donald simply likes to watch the consequences of his actions, the bigger the better and ignoring any qualitative cast to the destruction. Trump likes to blow shit up to view the results, a form of indifferent vandalism. It makes him feel efficacious. God help us.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

We're Losing Focus Here

I know, it's hard not to drill down on Trump--the indescribable awfulness of the entire situation. We want to comprehend it. But Trump can't be understood and that's good. He's inhuman or subhuman or something not lending itself to easy understanding by a normal, average, non-sociopathic person.

There's nothing there for us, personally. Trump's appeal is somewhere south of civilization and humanity in an area of despair, aboriginal fear and animal drives. But a little wisdom would be good. We need to understand Trumpism. We need to understand it enough to to implement a solution.

The solution is some form of strength--not the strength of stridency and reactivity but the strength to resist with consistent force and determination. We must fight back with conviction and with rational and aggressive arguments. Reactivity will not work. Kicking and screaming will not work.

How is it surprising...

that Donald Trump would identify with thugs, bullies, and racists?

Friday, August 18, 2017

Trump the Resignator

I think Trump will resign anon. He's miserable. We're miserable. But Pence is a horror.

Trump the Fomenter

Donald Trump is fomenting hatred at home and abroad. He likes to stir the pot.

Silent Sam

People are calling for the removal of a memorial on the UNC campus--in my town, Chapel Hill. "Silent Sam" is an anonymous depiction of a Confederate soldier, an emblem of sorrow and sadness and more likely to be regarded by neo-Nazis as defeatist. 

Sam should stand. This push for removal is puritanical and utopian in its thinking--a kind of left-brain lunacy--and is unproductive. Leave it to Democrats to focus on lesser battles, lose all the wars and wring their hands as the world crumbles around us. 

It would make more sense to regard the old parts of the UNC campus, the walks, walls and buildings, as a memorial to the black laborers, some of them slaves, who made them. I already do. And let's make it more official in other ways around campus.

I will bet that black people built Sam's pedestal, by the way. How fitting. The South, as an economic whole, stood atop black people forever. Let it be acknowledged. Sam would be on his ass otherwise, as would have been the entire antebellum South.

Ideologues Fear Loss of Influence

Republican ideologues, falling generally into classes of money-grubbers and religious nuts, are concerned about the loss of broader social influence as their president goes down in flames. Characteristically, even when confronted with the extraordinary risks to the country Trump entails, they think only of themselves and their narrow concerns, ignoring all else and especially their lack of any mandate at the executive level.

There is a precedent, however, for this kind of behavior. George Bush and his morally bankrupt gang of arrogant, selfish, ideologically driven thugs used the 9/11 attacks to implement a laundry list of bad Republican policies previously impossible to move forward and acted out aggressive instincts at every level. In no time we were mired in unwinnable wars and the economy was hustled along the path of implosion.

Pro-business, deregulatory lunatics are worried that their agenda will go down with Trump. It's impossible to separate actual moral revulsion to Trump from selfish concerns about being slimed by him and the damage he could do to a corporate brand but notice how uncaring they are about the existential threat of Trump to the greater society. They consider those responsibilities, actual patriotism, to be beyond their brief.

Gary Cohn, for example, has overcome any embarrassment​ and is still on-board with his Nazi-sympathizer​ boss, hoping to continue to screw non-wealthy Americans to the wall, an article of devotion among Republicans transcending everything else. There is no limit to their pernicious greed and they are probably concerned that average citizens will finally realize the thing is a scam and demand that it all be undone.

Please observe, for the record, that the pretense of patriotism is falling away. Republicans will relabel the whole mess later on. It's no wonder they resonate with the rationalizations of the "lost cause" apologists. Oh, and the religious fanatics, not to neglect them, have followed Trump into his foxhole where they cower and scan the skies for signs of the second coming. I'm curious what they will think of the eclipse.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

To Be Sure We're Clear On This

Republicans control all three branches of the federal government.
Republicans control most of the state and local governments.
President Trump has defended people who openly claim to be Nazis.
Polls indicate that he still has the support of most Republicans.

Compassionate Release

To anyone without a brain infected by Fox News it's apparent that the presidency is a prison for Donald Trump. He chafes at its constraints. He bristles at its confinements. Neither of these terms quite captures the force of it but Donald doesn't take well to anything other than doing exactly what he wants whenever he wants. 

Donald's instinctive reaction to any kind of imposed order or discipline or even compromise is to go nuts. That's not a good fit for the office. He is clearly miserable in the job and his performance ratings are terrible. We must free Donald Trump from this curse. He must he allowed to run wild. He must feel the wind is his hair gel. 

He must again be a king in his tower--anything other than president. 


Katherine Franke's Recipe for Defeat

Again, if you want to see why Democrats are struggling to control America's bathrooms while Republicans are wrecking the world and planting "GOP" flags in paradise, just like Islamic fundamentalists, take a look at Katherine Franke's screed against Mark Lilla. Mark would like to win an occasional election and see the country not sink into darkness under Republican rule. Katherine wants to win the argument. She wants to win an argument she has already lost and she is guilty of a Republican speciality, a selectively weak stomach. 

Franke has more important battles to fight, about language and acceptance, than preventing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Think of what the world might be like if George Bush hadn't won in 2000. Think of what the world might be like if Republicans hadn't caused the 2008 recession by deregulating everything, ultimately with the complicity of Bill Clinton, another narcissistic, morally weak individual. Katherine can't seem to get it through her head that people are dying every day because of us. She doesn't care.

And, Katherine, tolerance is not about eliminating distinctions and pretending to like everything and everyone, it's about respecting the rights of others to be different even in ways that offend you as long as they play by the rules. Grow up. I doubt I would like you at all, finding you strident, overbearing, judgmental, puritanical, self-righteous, humorless and hypocritical. But, hey, nobody is forcing me to have anything to do with you. If your attack on Lilla is indicative you are too self-centered to judge an argument on its own terms. 

You are the intolerant one. Please step aside and let us win some elections. Go fester in the purity of your principles. My God, we lost to Donald Trump. What does it take to get through to you? George Bush thought, and probably still thinks, that history will judge him well. I think he will be seen as a pawn in his own, monstrous administration. You seem to think history will judge our side well. It will not, any more than a knowing parent should be forgiven for permitting a spouse's child abuse. We have a responsibility to resist.

We have a responsibility to win.

Watch the Democrats Screw This Up

Republicans have built a viable political movement on bankrupting the government, wrecking the middle class and creating an apocalyptic, boom-and-bust economy and Democrats still can't make a coherent case against them. Republicans would rather put a match to our national wealth than do anything that benefits average Americans. 

The Democratic political establishment is so feckless they continue with factional identity politics and politically correct blather that even I hate when the case has already been made for them by consistent Republican failures. All they have to do is attack. Now we have a babbling, sputtering goon as president and wait for Republicans to pull the plug.

Back at the ranch, Democratic operatives are positioning themselves to win the next election as the party of transsexuals. They are shrewd devils. No matter. Whatever that outcome, in their current time in the political wilderness they have their righteousness to keep them warm. That is, unless Donald actually does set everything on fire.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

God Speed, Pyongyang

I have more hope in North Korea than in Donald Trump to prevent nuclear war. They have more to lose. Donald is probably weighing the expected outcomes, levels of destruction and survivability of various factions and locales. This should not even be on the table, not with Donald involved. It's a sad day when issues of such importance--life and death--depend on the whims of a man-child with a father complex, take your pick. 

I'm going with the fat boy. You know, Pyongyang.

Off With His Hair!

The only fitting punishment I can think of for Trump is to pin him to the ground and shave his head. This is my fatwa. In the name of justice, let it be done!

"Shoe-Gaze" Kelly, Our Man at the Insanity Front

John Kelly, I construed your remark at accepting your current position as a notice and warning to us and to Trump that you would not place loyalty to the president above the welfare of the country. Yesterday, you shoe-gazed your way through a press conference in which a madman, our president, showed unambiguously that he is unfit for duty. We're waiting for you to do the right thing, entrusting to you what that might be, but you can't continue to serve such a person. If you do you are complicit.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Trump News

Presenting Trump News, the answer to fake news and all the other biased media out there. This is news filtered through a Trump simulator and automaton generated by computer modeling and artificial intelligence based on data from decades of Trump's press releases, interviews, and official and other pronouncements from the brain, heart and soul of Donald Trump. By removing the human element, it is even better than Trump.

Filed today, August 15, at 5 PM. For immediate release:

Today at Trump Tower the president handled an unruly, unfair and belligerent press with characteristic restraint, flanked by two wealthy Jews, an unattractive Asian and a badass military dude who is entirely in accord with everything the president says. Fielding inappropriate, disrespectful and mean questions with a calm demeanor the president patiently answered and set the record straight on the left-wing activists who caused all the trouble in Charlottesville by interfering with a peaceful and permitted gathering and assembly by Civil and Second World War history buffs. The president is sorry that it all went south and hopes it won't happen again at the next such event so he asks that alt-left persons stay home and respect the rights of others to enjoy an innocent and harmless pastime.